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ZWO ASI585MC USB 3.0 color planetary camera

Code: ASI585MC

ZWO ASI585MC USB 3.0 color planetary camera (IMX585 Sensor, 2.9µm pixels)

The ASI585MC uses Sony's IMX585 low read noise CMOS sensor. Its frame format is 1/1.2" and it features 2.9μm pixels in a 3840x2160 array. In ADC 12-bit mode the ASI585MC can output 46.9 frames per second at full resolution and it has a read out noise level as low as 0.8e. The ASI585MC features zero amp glow, low read noise and higher sensitivity and is ideal for solar and lunar imaging and as an All Sky Camera.

Price: $535
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Camera technical details

Sensor: 1/1.2″ CMOS Sony-IMX585AAQJ1-C
Bayer Pattern:RGGB
QE peak:91%
Back focus length: 6.5mm/17.5mm
Max fps: 46.9fps
Full well: 47Ke
Shutter: Rolling shutter
Resolution: 8.29Mega Pixel,3840*2160
Pixel Size: 2.9µm
Exposure Range: 32μs~2000s
Interface: USB 3.0 /USB 2.0 Type-B
Protect window: φ32-2 AR
ADC: 12bit
Dimension: 11.136mm*6.264mm
Weight: 126g
Working Temperature: -5℃~50℃
Storage Temperature: -10℃~60℃
Working Relative Humidity: 0-80%
Supported OS: WIN7/8/10 32&64、Linux、Mac

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