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150/750 SkyWatcher HERITAGE-150P Flextube Dobsonian

Code: Flex150

150/750 SkyWatcher HERITAGE-150P Flextube Dobsonian with Starpointer,

10mm and 25 mm Super eyepieces

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Its optics are the same as the popular Explorer 150P model (150/750 EQ3), but we find the same performance in a much lighter, more compact installation.

In addition to lunar and planetary observation, its 150mm mirror makes the instrument primarily suitable for observing faint deep-sky objects, especially when used from under a dark, rural sky. The Flex150 is equipped with a parabolic mirror, which guarantees better sharpness, making it excellent for high-magnification observations. Its F / 5 aperture ratio results in a short build anyway, but the short tube can even be pushed together, making the telescope much smaller, more compact during transportation. Its stand has a low (table-top) construction, a simple Dobson system, which is easy to move and keeps the tube stable. Due to its excellent optical quality, the 750 mm focus parabola mirror provides a great image at both high and low magnifications. The primary and secondary mirror holders can be collimated.

With short-focus eyepieces or with the a Barlow lens, we can also make observations at much higher magnifications, up to approx. 200-250x up. The package includes a 10mm and a 25mm Barium eyepiece, which can be used to achieve 30x and 75x magnification, but with additional eyepieces (or with a Barlow lens) we can extend the magnification up to 300x, which is the upper part of the recommended magnification range limit. (The mechanics can only be moved by hand, so at maximum magnification it is more difficult to keep the celestial body in the field of view.) The telescope can only be used with 1.25 ”eyepieces, the focuser can only accept this size.

We recommend this telescope for beginners and intermediate users who are seriously interested in deep-sky observation. As the telescope is cheap, very easy to use and transport due to their high light-collecting capacity and simple construction. This way, we can easily move out to a dark-sky observation site away from city lights.

Aperture: 150 mm
Focal length: 750 mm
Focal ratio: f/5
Primary mirror: Parabolic primary mirror
Tube weight: 3.5 kg
Connection of the tube to the mount: EQ5 style dovetail bar
Mount: Alt-azimuth Dobsonian table mount
Weight of the mount: 4 kg
Shipping weight: 10.2 kg
Shipping size: 63x42x42 cm


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