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KONUSVUE binoculars represent a really cheap and complete series of products. You will find any magnification you are looking for in the KONUSVUE range, which includes six models from 8x to 10x.

KONUSVUE are very classic binoculars, with central focusing and a strong nonskid rubberizing, that warrants a safe grip with gloves too. Some models are wide angle, so they can frame more field than normal binoculars.

KONUSVUE series ranges from low magnification very compact models, to high magnification models which require a tripod. In this case it will be useful to buy the specific support (#2021). KONUSVUE are supplied with tissue case, shoulder strap, lenses cover, all in a stylish colored package.

instructions for use in 8 languages: UK-USA, I, E, F, D, P, NL, GR



Binocular BASIC PLUS 7x50 CF

Magnification: 7x
Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Field of view at 1000 m: 122 m
Minimum focusing distance: 5 m
Angular Field of View: 6.9 City.
Output beam diameter: 7 mm
Light Force: 25

Price: $32
Out of stock
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Binocular KONUSVUE 10x50 WA CF

Binocular Classic KONUSVUE 10x50 WA CF

Price: $53
Out of stock
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Binocular KONUSVUE 7x50 CF

Binocular Classic KONUSVUE 7x50 CF

Price: $50

Binocular KONUSVUE 8x40 WA CF

Binocular Classic KONUSVUE 8x40 WA CF

Price: $48
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