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31.8 mm eyepices and filter kit

31.8 mm eyepices and filter kit

This 1.25” Eyepiece & Filter Kit includes fourteen (14) accessories that will add new life to your telescope and your observing!

Price: $324

50.8 mm eyepices and filter kit

Baader Classic Q-eyepiece set 

consisting of:

Eyepieces Classic Ortho 6,10,18 mm

Plössl 32mm

(incl. 4 pc winged rubber eyecups)

1.3 or 2.25x Q-Barlow

Q-turret quad eyepiece revolver

Baader Astro Box #1 (M31)

Price: $297

AstroMaster Accessory Kit 1.25"

AstroMaster Accessory Kit

  • This economical eight-piece eyepiece and filter accessory kit enhances the performance of your Celestron AstroMaster, or most any other telescope
  • Includes two 1.25” eyepieces, a 2X Barlow lens, three filters, a cleaning cloth, and a case!
  • With two extra eyepieces and a Barlow lens, you get four different magnifications to choose from
  • A Moon filter helps block out some moonlight so you can see more lunar detail, and the two color filters (Red and Blue) highlight features on Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn
  • A plastic, hard carry case keeps everything safe in the foam-lined interior 
Price: $111

FirstScope Accessory Kit 1.25"

FirstScope Accessory Kit
Price: $36

Mark V Großfeld (Giant)-Binocular

 Fifth edition of the former Carl Zeiss giant binocular with 30 mm prisms - our most elaborate binocular
    With recalculated 7-layer dereflective multi-coatings on all air-glass surfaces
    High performance beam-splitter with dielectric splitter layer
    Including 2x Baader ClickLock Eyepiece Clamp 1¼" with built in diopter-adjustment (T-2 part #08) (#2458100, € 75,-) , 1x Baader Heavy Duty T-2 QuickChanger (T-2 part #06A) (#2456313A, € 65,-) and 1x Mark V Bino storage-case (#2456415, € 55,-)

Price: $1,513

PowerSeeker Accessory Kit 1.25"

PowerSeeker Accessory Kit
Price: $74

SET: Baader 5, 10, 17, 24 mm Hyperion 68° incl. Eyepiece case

  • Eyepiece set with four Hyperion focal lengths (5, 10, 17, 24 mm), incl. Eyepiece case
  • Huge 68 degree wide angle field, tailored to the maximum Visual angle of the human eye
  • Phantom group coatings in Zeiss class for complete freedom of reflections and maximum image contrast
  • Modular design of the eyepiece body allows modification of the eyepiece focal length with optional finetuning rings
  • Camera ready! Almost all DSLR camera bodies can be connected but also simpler fixed lens cameras directly to the Hyperion eyepieces
Price: $662

SET: Hyperion Universal Zoom Mark IV + Hyperion Barlow 2,25x (8-24mm / 3,6-10,7mm)

Consists of Hyperion Universal Zoom Mark IV, 8-24mm eyepiece and Hyperion Barlow lens 2.25x
    This combination of Hyperion Zoom and Hyperion Barlow creates an all-in-one astro quality grade zoom providing a focal length range (with and without Barlow) from 3.6 to 24mm
    Includes all accessories that are delivered in the standard outfit of Hyperion Zoom and Barlow

Price: $387
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