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Рефрактор апохромат OTA 120/900 Evostar-120ED DS-PRO

Код: BDapo120set

Type:    ED Doublet with FPL53 from Ohara and quality glass from Schott
Aperture:    120 mm
Focal length:    900 mm
Focal ratio:    f/7.5
Limiting magnitude visual:    13m1
Resolution:    0.96"
Coating:    Metallic High Transmission Coating (MHC) on every glass-air surface
Focuser:    Crayford with 2", 1.25" and T2 connection - with speed reduction 1/11
Tube length:    960 mm
Tube diameter:    143 mm
Tube weight:    5.6 kg

В комплект с алуминиев куфар.

ЦЕНА 1838 евро


  • Производител: Sky-Watcher
  • Тегло: 17.000 кг
Цена: 2,115$
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Type  Refractor
Type of build  Apochromat 
Aperture (mm)  120
Focal length (mm)  900
Aperture ratio (f/)  7,5
Resolving capacity  0,96
Limit value (mag)  12,2
Light gathering capacity  294
Max. useful magnification  240
Tube weight (kg)  5,2
Tube construction Full tube
lens design Doublet 


Type of build  Crayford 
Connection ( to eyepiece)  2
Gear reduction 1:11 fine focusing

Included accessories

2'' eyepieces  LET Okular 28mm
Finder scope  9x50
Deviating optics  2", 90° star diagonal
Dew Shield yes
Carrying case yes
Prism rail Vixen-Style
Tube clamps yes


Series EvoStar 
Special recommendation yes

Area of application

Moon & Planets yes
Nebulae & galaxies yes
Nature Observation no
Astrophotography yes
Sun  no (Only with appropriate Sun filter)


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