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Baader 2" ClickLock Diagonal Mirror

Code: 2956100

  • 2" ClickLock Diagonal Mirror
  • Oversized 2 "dielectric lamda / 10 levels with 112mm optical length
  • Mirror repels UV and IR radiation, provides high security at the solar observation in white light and with Ha-sun filters
  • Scratch-resistant, hard-coated mirror surface for safe cleaning, scratch-resistant even in extreme conditions

Price: $322
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Weight (kg) 0.5840
Optical Design Mirror Diagonal
Inner Connection (lens sided) Thread, M48, 2"
Outer Connection (lens sided) Barrel, 2"
Inner Connection (eyepiece/-camera-sided) Clamp, 2"
Reflection surface Dielectrically coated
Image Orientation Erect image, Mirror inverted
Optical tube length (mm) 112
Clamping System ClickLock
Deflection angle 90°
Inner Diameter / Clear Aperture (mm) 46,6


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