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5-Position Filter Wheel, 1.25"

Код: 5520

Филтърно колело - 5-Position Filter Wheel, 1.25"

За визуални и фотографски наблюдения.

Спестява време, използва се с различни цветни филтри визуално или с филтри за астрофотография.

  • Производител: Orion USA
  • Тегло: 0.300 кг
Цена: 249$
Изпрати на приятел Добави в списъка с желания
  • Handy and versatile wheel holds up to five 1.25" filters for visual and/or imaging use
  • A huge time-saver for filtered planetary and lunar observation using different color filters, or for tri-color astrophotography pursuits
  • Simply rotate the filter wheel dial until the desired filter clicks securely into place in the light path
  • Holds up to five 1.25" filters, or you can leave one space blank for unfiltered viewing - requires additional 20mm focus travel
  • Protects filters from dust, dirt, and impact, and makes great long-term storage

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