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2" eyepiece NLVW30mm

High-performance eyepiece with multiple compensation on all lenses.


Connection: 50.8 mm

Apparent field of view: 65 °

Eye distance: 22.4 mm

Weight: 545 g

Price: $275

OTA - Vixen APO 81/625

The Vixen SD81S is a high-quality ED apochromat featuring special SD glass. Due to a redesign of the interior baffles, the SD series permits the use of full format cameras. This instrument provides a high light sensitivity whilst being very transportable due to its low weight.

♦ Aperture 81 mm - Focal length 625 mm - F-ratio f/7.7

♦ 2-element design featuring two ED lenses to minimize chromatical aberration

♦ Illumination of full format sensors achieved by optimized interior baffles

♦ Despite the wide aperture perfectly transportable - ideal for field trips

♦ Best mechanical and optical quality "Made in Japan"


Vixen SD81S 2-lens ED Apochromat with multi-coated optics

The Vixen SD81S features special SD lens elements (Super Extra Low Dispersion) and is the biggest of the Vixen SD series. These lenses are made under environment-friendly conditions and without the use of lead. The telescope is also equipped with optimized interior baffles, which allow the use full format cameras, and illuminates a circular field of 44mm. Despite its large aperture the SD81S is highly transportable and thereby perfectly suitable for mobile astronomy at the highest level!

When a two-lens objective with special glas is designed and constructed in Japan, you can expect excellent quality. Breathtaking sharpness and details are guaranteed in each and every night with this instrument. Not only will you notice finest color nuances on planets, but also achieve remarkable results when doing Deep-Sky – no matter if visually or photographically. Chromatical Aberration is reduced to an unnoticable minimum, light of all wavelengths of the visual spectrum align at the focal plane.

Advantages and features of the SD81S:

♦ Contrary to the ED series also suitable for full format cameras.

♦ Outstanding color correction due to ED lenses made of "Super Extra Low Dispersion" glas

♦ Uncompromising quality "Made in Japan" - mechanically and optically

♦ Environment-friendly production - without usage of lead

Price: $1,240

Smartphone Camera Adapter Vixen

Designed to pinch the barrel of visual back or eyepiece having grip of 32mm to 53mm (between 1,26" and 2,08") in diameter. With supplementary pinch sleeves, having grip of 19mm to 43mm (between 0,75" and 1,69") in diameter.

The eyepiece pinch posts hold an eyepiece simultaneously by turning the eyepiece clamp knob simply.

The vertical and horizontal clamp arms with rubber claw hold a smartphone securely and they enable you to set the camera lens in line with the center of the eyepiece's field of view easily.

Eyepieces with long eye relief are recommended to minimize vignetting of images. 

Price: $132
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