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Optika Microscopes Italy

Optika Microscopes Italy

Optika Microscopes Italy

OPTIKA Italy is one of the leading companies in the manufacturing and distribution of educational and laboratory equipment, with a 45-year experience in the production of scientific equipment. People worldwide rely on OPTIKA products and solutions for significant discoveries and the most diversified applications, every day. Our core values are driven by the desire to improve customer’s experience, by creating innovative technologies, ensuring the highest quality standards and expanding access to our products. The company was founded 1971 by a physics teacher with great capabilities in combining design skills with teaching sensitivity.






Binocular microscope B-69 LED 40-1000x

Binocular microscope B-69 LED 40-1000x,

Observation mode: Brightfield.
Head: Binocular, 30° inclined; 360° rotating.
Dioptric adjustment: Left eyepiece.
Eyepiece: WF10x/18 mm, secured by screw
Nosepiece: Quadruple ball bearings revolving nosepiece, reversed.
– Achromatic 4x/0.10, with anti-fungus treatment
– Achromatic 10x/0.25, with anti-fungus treatment
– Achromatic 40x/0.65, with anti-fungus treatment
– Achromatic 100x/1.25 (oil), with anti-fungus treatment
Specimen stage: StagErase™ eraseable mechanical stage, 125×125 mm, 62×24 mm X-Y movement range. Vernier scale on the two axes, accuracy: 0.1 mm.
Focusing: Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism with limit stop to prevent the contact between objective and specimen.
Condenser: Abbe N.A. 1.25, pre-centered, focusable, with iris diaphragm.
Illumination: 1 W LED, with brightness control, rechargeable batteries.
Color temperature: 6,300 K. Multi-plug 100-240Vac/5Vdc external power supply.

Price: $445

Binocular stereomicroscope ST-50Led 20х with overhanging stand

Binocular stereomicroscope ST-50Led 20х

Observation mode: Brightfield.
Heads: Binocular head, 45° inclined.
Interpupillary distance: Adjustable.
Dioptric adjustment: On the left eyepiece.
Eyepieces: WF 10x/20 mm, secured by screw.
Objective: Achromatic 2x with anti-fungus treatment.
Stand: Overhanging stand with focus.
Focusing: Rack and pinion controlled by a pair of knobs placed on both sides of the stand.
Illumination: Incident: 1W LED on flexible arm. Color temperature: 6,300 K. Multi-plug 100-240Vac/6Vdc external power supply.

Price: $428

Micrometric slide

Micrometric slide, 26x76mm, with 2 X scales (1mm/100div. for biological / 10mm/100div. for stereo)

Price: $60
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Trinocular stereo microscope SLX-5, 7-45x with overhanging stand

Head: Trinocular, 45° inclined; 360° rotating.

Optika Stereo zoom microscope SLX-5, trino, 7-45x, FN 21, w.d. 100mm

Dioptric adjustment: Both eyepieces.

Eyepieces: WF10x/21 mm, high eyepoint, secured by screw and with rubber cups.

Objective: Parfocal achromatic zoom 0.7x…4.5x (6.43:1 ratio) with anti-fungus treatment.

Working distance: 100 mm.

Focusing: Rack and pinion mechanism controlled by a pair of knobs placed on both sides of the stand.

Stand: Overhanging stand 420 mm high, 430 mm horizontal arm length, base 230×230 mm with following adjustments: heigh, longitudinal extension and head rotation angle (left-right).

Price: $856

обектив 1х за ST-50

обектив 1х за ST-50
Price: $52

обектив 2х за ST-50

обектив 2х за ST-50
Price: $52

обектив 3.5х за ST-50

обектив 3.5х за ST-50
Price: $52
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