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GPS Kit 12 channels, for mounts with SynScan hand control v.3.10

GPS Kit 12 channels, for mounts with SynScan hand control v.3.10

Цена 145 евро

Цена: 177$

Green Laser Pointer (1000mW)

Green Laser Pointer (1000mW)

ВНИМАНИЕ: лъчът да не се насочва към очите, опасност от ослепяване

1 x Laser Pointer
1 x Single Slot Battery Charger
1 x Battery

2 x Key

Цена 21 евро

Цена: 23$

SkyPortal WiFi Module aдаптер

  • Align and control your telescope wirelessly using your smartphone or tablet and Celestron’s free SkyPortal app for iOS and Android devices
  • Tap any celestial object you see in the sky to identify it instantly. Tap again and your telescope slews to that object, centering it perfectly in the eyepiece.
  • Explore 100,000+ objects in SkyPortal’s database. While you observe, view astroimages and listen to audio descriptions for hundreds of the most popular objects including the planets, Orion Nebula, Hercules Globular Star Cluster, and more.
  • Sky Tour feature generates a list of all the best stars, galaxies and nebulae to view based on your exact time and location
  • WiFi module is compatible with all current Celestron computerized telescopes and select older models. Unit does not require batteries or external power.


Цена: 236$

SkySync GPS Accessory

GPS SkySync
Цена: 324$

Water Resistant Green Laser Pointer (3000mW)

Water Resistant Green Laser Pointer (3000mW)

Цена 72 евро

Цена: 88$

Камера за автоматично насочване StarSense AutoAlign

  • Enables automatic alignment of your Celestron computerized telescope*
  • No need to identify or locate any star in the sky–StarSense automatically aligns your telescope, so you can begin observing in minutes
  • Aligns in 3 minutes or less
  • Provides advanced mount modeling—align on numerous stars throughout the sky for extremely precise GoTo pointing accuracy
  • StarSense hand controller included
Цена: 499$
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Лазерна показалка - Green laser finder (50mW)

Зелена лазерна показалка за астрономически наблюдения (50mW)

Цена 59 евро

Цена: 72$
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